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Heart Sutra

HeartsutraEmanate from EmptinessI love this image on the Love on Automatic CD cover by Tashi Mannox – an exquisite representation of the Heart Sutra. Thanks Tashi. The song Gone Beyond – Heart Sutra is an adaptation of the traditional Sanskrit mantra

Heart Sutra

Gate, Gate, Para gate, Para Sam gate Bod hi svaha

Gate, Gate, Para gate, Para Sam gate Bod hi svaha

gone beyond, gone beyond the form

how beautiful

I love the one who goes

no concept, no name

nothing to attain, no suffering

Form is Empty (is form)

Emptiness is Form (is empty, is form, is empty, is form)

Gate, Gate, Para gate,

Gate, Gate, Para Sam Gate Bodhisvaha.

Bod hi Svaha

I love the one who goes



Form is Emptiness

Emptiness is Form

Form does not differ from Emptiness,

Emptiness does not differ from Form

whatever is Empty, that is Form,

whatever is Form that is Empty.

The same is true of feelings, perceptions,

impulses and consciousness. O Sariputra all dharmas are marked with

Emptiness, they have no beginning and no end, they are neither imperfect nor

perfect, neither deficient nor complete. Therefore O Sariputra, in emptiness

there is no form, no feeling, no perception, no name, no concepts, no

knowledge. No eye, no ear, no nose, no tongue, no body, no mind; no

forms, sounds, smells, tastes, touchables or object of the mind, no sight

organ, no hearing organ and so forth to no mind consciousness element; no

ignorance or extinction of ignorance, no decay and death, no extinction of

decay and death. There is no suffering, no origination, no stopping, no path,

no cognition, no attainment, nor anything to attain. There is nothing to

accomplish and so Bodhisattvas can rely on the Perfection of Wisdom

without trouble. Being without trouble they are not afraid, having overcome

anything upsetting they attain Nirvana.

Gate, Gate, Paragate, Para Sam gate Bodhi svaha

good travels

just had some sweet time in Europe, inspiring, alive, friendly meetings, and a lot of singing. At Isaac Shapiro’s retreat and at the Science and Nonduality conference, the attention recieving the music was so deep and broad, the heart got to play to the max, and loved it :0) So good for the soul to hangout with the lovely creatures there from all round the world. Also enjoyed a 3-day dance workshop in southern France and singing/playing piano for people to dance to, really fun. Now back in Aus, some touching gigs, and back into editting the new Cd…

Tassie dappled days

In southern Tasmania and feeling happy, surrounded by dappled leaves n trees, the hopping, singing and buzzin of critters here. Enjoying this serene Gompa meditation hall to record music in – awesome views and acoustics and empty quiet alone time. Been recording heaps on my laptop with new audio interface I’m loving it. Sometimes I wonder why and how this singing thing is happening.. but its sure seems to be happening and new albums emerging! Got up at sunrise to record the gayatri mantra, perfect perfect perfect

hummin in d rain

frogs n fogs, leaches tuned me in….
been really loving the turn of spring, happy to be on slow strolls along ridge tops and by creeks, strumming the guitar and coo-ing up into the air. 
my van is my new recording studio, i’ve been setting up somewhere quiet and trying out the recording conditions. wait for a plane or motorbike to go by in the distance, then sometimes a perfect frog croak or bird call in rhythm..
feel well in the process of the next CD, it coming into place, not  all of it is usable, but all nourishing