Jarrah sings with an eloquent and fierce tenderness dedicated to true being and love for the Earth. This is raw poetic music from stillness to storm, a nourishing bitter-sweet love affair with inner peace and the mystery of existence.


Love on Automatic

Love on Automatic


Songs of the heart, deep rest & inquiry, recorded in a Buddhist sanctuary in remote Tasmania.

I Am This

I Am This


A funky sacred exploration of our original nature. This is a truthodelic electronic dance track single & remix with voiceover spoken word from Jarrah and Isaac Shapiro.

Just This


Original songs of stillness, true Being and nature – recorded live in Byron Bay, Australia.

Naked Heart


Songs of inquiry into our original nature, existence and love for the Earth. A full length studio album.

Evolution’s Daughter


Creative love songs about nature and reality, exploring with a soft heart and tender inquiry. Full studio album including natural bush recordings.